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Вермахт в фотографиях.

German artillerymen shooting with a camouflaged medium-calibre gun. France, September 1943

During battle, German officer giving orders with a ‘Luger’ pistol in his hand. Kerch, May 1942

During the advance towards Rostov a German soldier is helped by his companions in emptying his boots from water. Rostov, July 1942

German soldiers crossing a river south of Lake Ilmen. The two grenadiers on a makeshift bridge with ropes and boards

Waffen SS used MG34 to shoot at enemy aircraft

Warm welcome for the German Army entering Yugoslavia in April 1941. After the coup d'état in Belgrade on 27 March 1941, the German military assembled overwhelming combat power in a short period of time that decimated an enemy army over a million strong in a decisive victory with extremely low casualties that lasted only twelve days

A sniper demonstrates his camouflage (note: German Waffen-SS Camo Pattern: named unofficially “Early Plane Tree”) at a sniper school in a French village, July 27, 1944

Konteradmiral Dönitz

SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans-Gösta Pehrsson was the commander of the 3rd Company, Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung of 11th SS Panzergrenadier Division ‘Nordland’, aka ‘The Swedish Company’. He was the most decorated Swede of the Waffen SS, having been awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class and Ehrenblattspange

Two German soldiers lurking behind a Soviet wagon during a battle in a Rostov suburbs station. Rostov, July 1942

Gerhard Barkhorn

German soldiers burying a comrade

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

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