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Первая Мировая война в фотографиях.

Soldiers with mistletoe in their caps

The mobilization in 1914

Infantry of the 1st Brigade Polish Legions enters Kowel. 1915. Polish Army Museum, Warsaw

British and Russian officers of the RNAS Armoured Car Squadron in Galicia prior to the Russian offensivе. July 1917. Imperial War Museum, London

Englishmen in Belgium. 1918. Private collection, France

Senegalese. 1916. Private collection, France

A group of British soldiers playing with their pet mascot, a baboon, which is wearing a British Army cap, and has a pipe in its mouth. They are servicemen of the Royal Engineers from South Africa, who landed in Belgium in October 1914, served through all three Battles of Ypres, Loos and Somme, now serving on the Italian Front

Italian women and children watching British troops marching from the railway station after their arrival in Italy, December,1917. Photograph probably taken at Fontaniva near Venice

British troops in their billets. Note a queue of soldiers on the right to receive a hot drink or food

Men of the Royal Engineers bringing dirty linen to Italian women who are washing clothes in a stream

Funeral of three British soldiers. Italian front 1917-18

A cyclist of the 8th Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment (70th Brigade, 23rd Division) with geese attached to his bicycle

French Alpine soldiers and mascot war dog, WWI

WK, zerstörter Panzer [destroyed tank], 1915/18

German troops preparing their dinner in the trenches

German troops by water-filled shell holes in Flanders, often used as emergency trenches

German troops in a trench in the woods of Conseuvay

German troops in well constructed trench position on the Western Front. Note an alarm gong by the sentry in the foreground

German troops sleeping in a fire trench while one of them is on watch duty

A Charlottenburg citizen has given 1000 marks for the construction of a trench which is made with every modern applicance to illustrate to Berliners how German troops live whilst on active service

German troops in gas masks manning a trench on the Western Front. Note two dead soldiers amongst them

German troops resting in their trenches on Mount Kemmel, May 1918

German troops in the captured Russian trenches in the woods near Jakobstadt (Jēkabpils), September 1917

German troops manhauling a 7.58 cm light trench mortar (minenwerfer) in the Champagne region of France

Offensive in Flanders, April 1918. Railway construction troops preparing ground for new tracks, near captured British trenches in the Ypres Salient

Bulgarian troops eating their rations in a front line trench, 1916

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

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