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Вермахт в фотографиях.

1941 Balkans, Yugoslavians pass by German soldiers. Left a "Oberfeldwebel" injured (a boot, a slipper and a cane!)

1941, Yugoslavia, A column of Yugoslavians pow's

Stuka, Russia, winter 1943-44

Fallschirmjäger Holland Knochensack Ehrenwache aufgebahrter Sarg

Two Maschinengewehrschützen in the Rzhev sector (9 Army) in the summer or fall of 1942

1941 Russia, Two German soldiers meet a Soviet armored car BA-20 (Broneavtomobil 20) modified to travel on rails

1941 Russia, German vehicles are refueled from tanker cars

Combats en France. Sur ce char Renault un soldat français mort

night patrol in Karelia, (1944)

Soviet Union, Wounded German Soldier being treated in a ditch

1942 Norway, Narvik, the "Kapitänleutnant" Heinrich Timm receives a bouquet of flowers from a woman on the bridge of his submarine, the U-251 (Class VII-C)

Kapitänleutnant Herbert Kuppisch, commander of U-94

1943 France, Marseille, Freight Train Arenc, deportation of Jews in the custody of the "SS-Polizeiregiments Griese" and the French police
Wolfgang Vennemann: Photo by Wolfgang Vennemann German soldier.

1940, France, Germany 3 (1 NCO and 2 officers) pose in front of a French tank Somua S35 tsf destroyed during the invasion

1940, France, Soldiers and German officers around a French POW

Hungary 1945

france (10.05.-22.06.1940): Infantry marching along ther road.June 1940

Soldier of the 6th SS Mountain Division Nord on the phone.

German soldiers fighting in the Polish town of Sochaczew. September, 1939

Sept.1939-Apr.1940. Positional warfare (‘phoney war’) : A captive balloon fallen into german hands.end of november 1939

German Panther tanks in the Normandy, 1944

German BF-109 of ( receives last preparations from ground staff before take off to mission against england

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

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