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Вермахт в фотографиях.

Signalers of the Wehrmacht 44th Infantry Division (44. Infanterie-Division) headquarters at the Fu 11 SE 100 radio station set in the cabin of the Kfz car. 17. The kit consisted of a 100-watt VHF transmitter S11375 (LS 100/108, also 100 WS 24b-108 - on the right in the frame) and a general military all-wave backpack Torn.Eb receiver - Tornisterempfänger Bertа.

Wehrmacht mountain hunter pumps wheel car radio Funkwagen Kfz. 17 based on the Horch 901

German military doctors are helping the wounded near the road

German cameraman shoots a masked gun battery Atlantic Shaft

Любишь историю? Жми!

Tags: Вермахт фотографии

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