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Восточный альбом. Персонажи, костюмы и образ жизни в долине Нила, 1851 год.

Portrait of the late George Lloyd, Esquire

Arnaout and Osmanli

Ghawazi, or dancing girls

Camels resting in the Shekiyeh

Egyptian lady in the harem

Niram or regular troops

Habesh or Abyssinian slave

Teyat (oilman), his shop and customers at Cairo

Janissary and merchant

Young Arab girl returning from the bath

Cairine lady waited upon by a Galla slave girl

Bedouins from the vicinity of Suez

Fellah dressed in the hàbá

Female fellah

Female of the middle class carrying water from the Nile

Fellahs, a man and women

Women of middle Egypt

Peasant dwellings, Upper Egypt

Abâdeh, nomads of the Eastern Thebaid desert

Abâbdeh riding dromedaries

Kâfileh with camel bearing the Hodejh

Dromedaries halting in the Eastern desert

Arab sheikh smoking

Wahabs with an Azam Arab

Negedi horse, Arabia

Nubian females, Kanoosee tribe

Nubian and a fellah

Berberi playing on the kisirka

Abyssinian priest and warrior

Warrior from Amhàra

Abyssian costume, etc.

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

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