clio_historia (clio_historia) wrote,

Наказание Китая: иллюстрировано двадцатью двумя гравюрами, 1804 год.

A culprit before a magistrate

A culprit conducted to trial

An offender undergoing the bastinade

Twisting a man's ears

Punishment of the swing

Punishing a boatman

Punishing an interpreter

Torturing the fingers

Burning a man's eyes with lime

A malefactor chained to an iron bar

Punishment of the wooden collar

A man fastened to a block of wood

A malefactor in a cage

Hamstringing a malefactor

Close confinement

Conducting an offender into banishment

A malefactor conducted to execution

The capital punishment of the cord

A culprit conveyed to prison

The rack

Punishment of a wooden tube

The manner of beheading

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

Tags: Антиквариат

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