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Вермахт в фотографиях.

Panzer IV crew from Division at Rouen, Normandy, France August Boulevard des Belges, just after crosing the Seine River. Panzer officer (left) is wearing a Luftwaffe camo para jump smock with added Skull collar tabs, also cut down for wear in a tank.

The Vickers-Armstrong VA 601 (b), a military artillery tractor manufactured in England for the Belgian army in 1934-1936, tows a 75/55 mm anti-tank gun Pak 41. The division of the tank destroyers of the 30th Infantry Division, the Soviet-German front, summer 1942 (ASKM).

German soldiers inspect the 76.2-mm divisional gun of 1939 (F-22UUSV) thrown by the Red Army units. Army Group "South", July 1942. Some of these guns were converted to anti-tank and used in the Wehrmacht as Pak 39 (r) (ASKM).

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

Tags: Вермахт фотографии

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