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Вермахт в фотографиях.

Two Tiger tanks are in the area southwest of Velikiye Luki. In the background a column of Sturmgeschütze.

German officers watching from a VW Schwimmwagen Russian troops in Krivoy Rog.
In the background a Panzer IV, the command tank of a tank unit.

‘Tiger’ tanks roll on a Normandy road, led by a captured British scout car with oversized German license plates.

Panther-Panzer der Waffen-SS bei Kämpfen in Ungarn.

Soldiers of the SS Division “Totenkopf” deliver ammunition scraper in the woods

Antitank gun PaK 40 in full recoil after shooting against russian tanks.

SS-Soldaten bei Kämpfen an der Ostfront, 1943

Deutsche Infanterie und Panzer im Raum Charkow, 1943

German pioneers in combat.

German position between two burnt-out Red Army T-34 tanks

Deutsche Soldaten bei Smolensk, 1943

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

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