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Первая мировая война в фотографиях.


WK I Russian prisoners of war in the German captivity - Russians, Tatars, Kirghiz.

A German Unteroffizier feeds a puppy during the First World War, 1915.

12-year-old Serbian carrier of shells. Belgrade. Serbia. WW 1.

German trench near Aisne.

Battle of the Lys. 18 pounder gun of the Royal Field Artillery in a cow shed. Near Saint-Floris, 2 May 1918.

German stormtroopers in gas masks penetrating Ploegsteert Wood.

Soldaten in Potschepowo b. Porchowskij Rußland

German soldiers exiting a tunnel, 1915

A German rifleman beside the corpse of a French soldier in a trench at Fort Vaux, France.

Ypres salient , Uncovering men who fell contesting the crater at Zouave Wood.

1 Wk Westfront Bierausschank

Construction of a field latrine Donnerbalken.

Armes Schwein...

Ammunition dump.


35th Infanterie Brigade in Eckernförde.

7.58cm leichter Minenwerfer n.A.

NYC women’s machine gun squad, police reserves, 1918.

German listening spot, to identify upcoming air raids, near Neuve-Chapelle, 1916.

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

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