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Первая мировая война в фотографиях.

9.2 inch gun on a railway mounting

16th Irish Division on the Fricourt-Maricourt road , 3 September 1916

A group of seven girls at a national shell filling factory

A Newport, Monmouthshire registered single-speed Rudge motorcycle in Badminton, Gloucestershire, 1912

Women's Battalion of Death

Women's Battalion of Death WW I

Women's Battalion of Death WW I

captured British Empire weapons


Landwehr Regiment 6

Maschinengewehr-Kompanie 1917

Tote Ratten und Mäuse

Мотоциклист 44 отдельной мотоциклетной роты

Battle of Epehy. Wounded and Prisoners coming in, near Epehy, 18th September 1918. The wounded soldier in the foreground is from a Bantam unit.

A Column of Army Service Corps (ASC) lorries on the Western Front


Here is a photo of a Priester. The firer is a bit close to it. Normally it was fired by tugging a cord about one metre long. The strange name Priester is allegedly due to the fact that the weapon was invented by a Hungarian priest named Vecer. Originally deployed with the Austro-Hungarian army, it was made under license by (amongst others) Stocks of Berlin for the German army, where it was also called the Granatwerfer 16. The bomb weighed 2 kg and had a maximum range of 500 metres. The weapon was manned, like all other such types, by the engineers

A little French paper boy selling papers in Canadian line. June, 1917


Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

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