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Первая мировая война в фотографиях.

Krad R.Imp don't drink and drive

Fort Vaux 1916

German acoustic locators

Killed observer.

British newly married couple under the arch of Lewis guns

German submarine, but torpedo loading method looks very Slavic

German pilot wears suit with electrically heated face mask, vest and boots

Anton Fokker u. Werner Voss

Radfahrer an der Westfront ,1914

Pyramid of captured German helmets, New York, 1918

“Infanterie-Regt. Freiherr Hiller von Gaertringen (4.Posensches) Nr.59“

August 29, 1916 - Kaiser Summons Hindenburg and Ludendorff to Emergency Meeting in Berlin, They Urge Unrestricted Submarine Warfare and Exponential Increase of War Production
Pictured - Warlords. From left to right: Field-marshal Hindenburg, Kaiser Wilhelm II, First Quartermaster-General Ludendorff.
Newly-appointed Chief of the German General Staff Paul von Hindenburg and his deputy Erich Ludenforff hurried to Berlin on August 29 for an emergency war-meeting with the Kaiser. Romania joining the Allies and invading Austria-Hungary was the most pressing concern, but the duo also urged their monarch to begin unrestricted submarine warfare immediately, no matter the affect on the neutral Scandinavian countries, the United States, or indeed the German civilian government. The same day Hindenburg wrote to the Minister of War, demanding that munitions production be doubled and the production of artillery and machine-guns trebled.

The forward machine-gun battery on a German zeppelin

German troops load gas projectors. Attempting to exploit a loophole in international laws against the uses of gas in warfare, some German officials noted that only gas projectiles appeared to be specifically banned, and that no prohibition could be found against simply releasing deadly chemical weapons and allowing th wind to carry it to the enemy

The interior of an armored train car, Chaplino, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, in the spring of 1918. At least nine heavy machine guns are visible, as well as many ammunition cases

A German communications squad behind the Western front, setting up using a tandem bicycle power generator to power a light radio station in September of 1917

A German soldier rubs down massive shells for the 38 cm SK L/45, or "Langer Max" rapid firing railroad gun, ca. 1918. The Langer Max was originally designed as a battleship weapon, later mounted to armored rail cars, one of many types of railroad artillery used by both sides during the war. The Langer Max could fire a 750 kg (1,650 lb) high explosive projectile up to 34,200 m (37,400 yd)

False horses, camouflage to allow snipers a place to hide in no-man's land

A German column looks over a destroyed English anti-aircraft vehicle, bodies, empty belts and cartridge boxes strewn about

Training for Kursus Maschinengewehr,1908

WWI mobilisation troop transport railway World War I Mobilisation August 1914 War veteran in front of a carriage

Lake Drisviaty, August 1916 Grenade catapult

A German disabled soldier learning how to operate a spade with an artificial arm, probably at a school of training for German disabled soldiers at a Westphalian hospital

WK I Sniper

WK I Sniper

WK I German soldiers wiyh A7V Tank

WK I Kleine 22l M. 15 Flammenwerfer

WK I Xmas 1914, British soldiers with food from home

3.7mm Grabenkanone

120 cm Automobilbeleuchtungszug 18 in Jezierna

Exzellenz Roth im Auto auf der Fahrt durch das Eggental

Feuerndes Maschingwehr a.d.Isonzofront

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

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