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Первая Мировая война в фотографиях.

Hannover CL.II, 1918 год

Самолёт возвращается с разведывательного полёта

Kaiser Wilhelm II at Wilna in Poland in 1917

German stormtroopers advancing through clouds of smoke towards enemy positions

A British tank set on fire by a German flamethrower team from a trench, April 1918

A German soldier aims his rifle from a shallow fold in the ground near Fort Vaux with a dead French soldier on his left, 1916

German infantry firing rifle grenades

German soldiers pose for a photo during the Nivelle Offensive, April-May 1917

Austro-hungarian aircraft gunner with an arranged AA gun (?) made out from Mausers C-96, World War I.

German Shock Troops in a trench, 1917

The WW1-era armored train Zammurets


Kgl. Bayer. 18. Infanterie-Regiment

Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia

Zeppelin L 48 in flight

Voisin biplane fitted with a 47 mm. Hotchkiss gun. Savy Berlette Aerodrome

Steering system of captured German LVG biplane, Saint Cyr, France

Radiator of captured German LVG biplane, Saint Cyr, France

Zur Landung gezwungenes italienisches Flugzeug bei Maria Gail

Erbeutetes russisches Flugzeug und österreichischer Hangar der Fliegerkompanie Nr. 7; Galizien. Fotograf: Kriegsvermessung 3.; Captured Russian plane and Austrian hangars of Fl. K. Nr. 7; Galicia

Flieger übernimmt Brieftauben; Pilot receives carrier pigeons

Füllung der Fesselballons; Bukowina, Umgebung von Czernowitz

Drachen balloon - Herausbringen aus der Halle, vermutlich in der Umgebung von Brzezany, Galizien.

Maschinengewehr zur Flugzeugabwehr; Anti-aircraft machine-gun
Bei der I. Kompanie Landsturm 152., am Lanzenkopf. X. Armeekommando " Rohr ".; At the Ist Kompanie Landsturm 152, on Lanzenkopf. X. Armeekommando Rohr.

Fotografieren aus dem Flugzeug; Taking a photograph rom a plane Kolomea, Galizien - Kriegsvermessung 7; Kolomea, Galicia;

Chocin, abgestürztes Flugzeug, 25. Mai 1917
Abgestürztes Flugzeug mit den Insassen der Fliegerkompanie Nr. 7; Galizien.

Ballonhalle der Luftschiffahrtabteilung 41 Folwarki Ploska; Ballon hall of the Luftschiffahrtabteilung 41, Folwarki Ploska -
Westlich von Plotycza; Ostgalizien; West of Plotycza; East Galicia.

Fesselballon beim Aufstieg; Moored balloon rising
Umgebung von Plotycza, Ostgalizien.; Near Plotycza, East Galicia.

Battle of Estaires. A seriously wounded soldier of the Black Watch (51st Division) receiving basic treatment at an Advanced Dressing Station, near Bethune (possibly Lapugnoy), 11 April 1918. He is treated by a RAMC medic assisted by a soldier of the Royal Fusiliers

Romanian ambulance men carrying a wounded comrade from a cart to a camouflaged field hospital

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

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